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In the weeks following the attempted coup that rocked Turkey on July 15, 2016, Ali Melek is contacted by his former mentor, Güven Yildirim, from college who was until recently a dean at one of the Gülen Movement’s universities closed by the government in the crackdown. Fearing an imminent arrest and professing his innocence of any prior knowledge or support for the failed coup, Güven begs Ali to help him escape by smuggling him out of Turkey to a neighboring Central Asian country. Ali, unsure of how to proceed, asks The Greek for his help. Torn by loyalty to the Melek family and his dread of returning to the life he retired from as a smuggler, The Greek reluctantly begins the plans for the escape knowing full well he risks reprisals from the government as well as the traitorous allies he must depend on to ensure a successful smuggling operation.


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